Weekly Puzzler #52

Wow! With Puzzler #52 this means I have done a whole year’s worth of questions!  It was with great trepidation and excitement that I began this blog a year ago, creating this category while secretly wondering if I would be able to come up with enough new ideas. Now, after a year under my belt, I know there are MANY more subjects yet to be covered and it’s unlikely I will run out of ideas anytime soon. Plus, I have solved some lingering glitches, allowing me in recent weeks to use both sounds and videos for my future puzzlers.

The world is a BIG and amazing place and there is SO MUCH to learn and discover. I hope you have enjoyed this category as much as I have.

What was your favorite Weekly Puzzler? Which one/s surprised you the most? Please use the comment box below to let me know!

To mark the passing of a year’s worth of questions, I have decided to feature some of the most popular puzzlers. How many do you remember? Were any of these your favorites? As always, check back next Saturday to learn the answer!

1. What is this? (Puzzler #6)








2. What frog is on my nose here? (Puzzler #16)

Meet Sharon (and a friend)









3. What is this? (Puzzler #31)



4. What are these? (Puzzler #1)







4. What is causing the death of millions of bats across the United States? (Puzzler #36)







5. What is this? (Puzzler #12)







6. Why do this snake’s eyes look like this? (Puzzler #7)






7.Check out this picture– of a male white-tailed deer. Which of the following is correct? (Puzzler #26)

a. This deer has antlers

b. This deer has horns

c. Either of the above is correct.deer-3

8. What does this crayfish have on its abdomen? (Puzzler #28)



Thanks for reading and have a fabulous weekend. I look forward to another year of sharing nature with you! Please let me know if you have any ideas for topics or subjects that you would like for me to cover. I hope to hear from you soon!

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