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Weekly Puzzler Answer #49

So wow, what about this sound? If you’ve ever been outside and heard it, you know it can go on for quite a long time. You may even have decided it is made by a bird, soaring high in the sky, some sort of raptor you think but maybe you’ve never gotten a close look. Well this sound is made by one of our most common raptors–a Red-shouldered Hawk. hawk49-

This hawk is smaller than a Red-tailed Hawk, with a length of 16.9-24 inches and a wingspan of 37-43 inches. Like many raptors, the female is larger than the male. Mature adults have a lovely reddish-brown chest and a strongly banded tail. In flight they seem to be often noisy, giving their repetitive krrrr, krrrr, krrrr as they sail through the sky.

(Sound by Lang Elliot from Nature Sound Studio)

hawk49-1990Do you know what they eat or how long they live? Do you know if they live in your neighborhood? Have you ever seen one? Do you know what the baby birds are able to do when they are just 5 days old? If this bird interests you, check back next week as it will be this week’s Creature Feature. In the meantime, enjoy the NEXT puzzler, or last week’s Creature Feature.

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Weekly Puzzler #50

50-5538What’s wrong with this squirrel? Have you ever seen a squirrel that had these odd growths? Do you know what they are or what caused them? CLICK HERE  to learn the answer to this Week’s Puzzler.