How to Get Free Therapy

today--6I ventured outside today to explore a new place that I rode by on my bike ride recently. It’s a small wetland with tan-colored grass islands and stately sycamores that lies beside a meandering river that I know will be alive with the sound of frogs and birds come spring. Today it was quiet, save for the soothing sound of running water melting over rocks rounded from the constant current.

As I walked along, I let myself wander aimlessly, content to have no agenda or destination, simply allowing my curiosity to lead the way. Have you ever done this? Have you ever gone out into the woods, happy to explore and see where you end up? So often we tend to get on a trail and automatically follow it. Sometimes exploring freely is a wonderful way today--5to spend some time–I highly recommend

After nearly getting swallowed by the mud, I crossed the rocky river several times, admiring the red-bellied fish whose lithe bodies I saw suspended in the quiet pools of water. Fallen leaves in silent piles swayed gently in the endless current. A perfect reflection caught my eye. Away from the water, I listened to a male turkey gobbling on the distant hillside while I watched a flock of female turkeys dig through the leaves looking for good things to eat. Up above, a pair of crows drifted past, while at my feet colorful fungus decorated fallen trees. Pine needles hung of tree branches, like tinsel on today--4the Christmas tree.

When at last my growling stomach alerted me that hours had passed, I made my way to my car, feeling refreshed and alive. Mother Nature is an amazing Therapist! Wow, sometimes I wonder how everyone doesn’t know about this free service. This therapy is always there and always free– we just have to MAKE TIME to be outside…  May you find some time SOON to spend outside enjoying the peace and beauty of nature. Happy day!

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