Winter World Quiz

Right now, as I sit here at my desk, I look out my giant window into the forest and see sheets of rain pouring down. The clouds are dark, casting a gray light on everything. All that comes to mind, is “Wow, I’m glad I’m not an animal right now.” With the temperate hovering around 35 degrees, it would be hard staying warm and dry. Thinking of the wild animals outside my window, I feel inspired to create a quiz and consider the question, how do animals survive winter?

Let’s see what you know about the animals during winter!

True or False:

2bear-60631. Bears, chipmunks and woodchucks are “true hibernators.”

2. Woodchucks and Groundhogs are the same animal and they spend the winter sleeping.

3. Some birds migrate to other places to escape the cold temperatures.

4. Reptiles and Amphibians spend the winter in a state of dormancy.

5. There are no active insects during winter.monarch-0493

6. Because it’s so cold in the water, beavers and otters hibernate.

7. Most insects overwinter in the larval form.

8. Some bats hibernate, some migrate and some do both.

9. Fox, coyotes and bobcats stay active.

deer-310. Some animals, like a deer, change the color of their fur during winter.

Click HERE for the answers.

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