Weekly Puzzler Answer #35

bucks-3132If you feed the birds in the winter, you will know the answer to last week’s puzzler: Gray squirrels STAY ACTIVE during the winter!

If the weather is harsh and snowy for a long time, they might hole up–often with other squirrels– in their leaf nest high in the treetops, or in their cozy hollow in a dead tree, but they do not sleep through the winter like some other animals.

Squirrel tracks in the snow

Squirrel tracks in the snow

Instead, leading up to the fall and winter, they grow a thicker fur coat and collect nuts like hickory, oak, beech, walnuts, that they hide in their territory, burying them in the ground, stashing them in hollows in trees.

A squirrel nest high in the tree

A squirrel nest high in the tree

Of course they can’t remember all the nuts that they buried so many forgotten ones become new trees, which of course, is a good thing for the continuation of the forest.

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