Creatures of Halloween QUIZ

abatty-1941Happy Halloween to everyone out there! As a child Halloween was one of my favorite holidays and I have fond memories of dressing up and trick-or-treating with my friends or brothers. Our costumes were always homemade by us with some help from our innovative Mom. What a fun holiday! Here’s to you having a wonderful and memorable Halloween!

I thought it would be fun to put up a little Halloween Quiz about the famous creatures of Halloween. Answer the 13 questions below and then click the link at the bottom of the page to find out how you did. Have fun!

First, some true or false questions to get things started:

1. Bats are blindabatty-2054

2. Spiders are insects

3. Most spiders are poisonous

4. More people die EVERY YEAR from their own pets than have died from bat rabies in the last 30 years

5. Most bats live in caves

6. Some bats can have a SIX FOOT wingspan

7. Most spiders spin webs

abatty-0488. Tarantulas are one of the most deadly spiders in the world

And now for some multiple choice questions:

9. How many species of BATS are there in the world?

a. 300  b. 600  c. 800  d more than 1000   e. none of the above

10. How many species of SPIDERS are there in the world?

a. 100  b. 1000   c. 10,000  d. 25,000   e. More than 30,000

11. How long is the average life span of a BAT?

a. 50 years   b.  30 years    c. 15 years   d. 5 years    e. More than 50 years

12. How many insects can an average sized bat eat in ONE HOUR

a. 400    b.  100   c.   1000   d. 10,000   e.  50

13. Fruit BATS are responsible for the pollination of which of the following crops?

a avocados     b. dates   c. mangos     d. all of the above   e. none of the above

abatty-5326To see how you did CLICK HERE!

To read more about bats, CLICK HERE or about spiders, CLICK HERE  OR, to see some cool pictures of SPIDERS, Click HERE.

And lastly, if you are like me and LOVE BATS and want to help these amazing creatures, click HERE to go to a wonderful website with LOTS of fabulous information.


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