An Amazing Discovery

Ice designs Aspen Trees Bent Creek Sumac leaves And goldenrodLight and shadows Cycles Wonderful WetlandBeauty of a DandelionHarmonyFloating reeds Serenity Silence Nature's designs PatternsPlant detailsRed dress Writing with lightIcy creations Light

I recently was playing with some of my images on my laptop, wondering what I could do to them to make them more along the lines of art than photography. What I discovered has me thrilled beyond words… ordinary pictures become abstract designs when I put them through what I’m calling The Kaleidoscope Effect. I’ll be the first to admit it’s easy to always look at the same things, the same ways. But what if we look at things with NEW EYES. What will we see then? Check out some pictures from my amazing discovery. Do you like them? Can you guess what these images started out as? Which one is your favorite and why? To see more, check out my new GALLERY called, appropriately, The Kaleidoscope Effect.

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