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Weekly Puzzler Answer #29

mystery29-0274Last week’s puzzler was a picture of an immature Bald Eagle, though admittedly, without its characteristic white tail and head, it is hard for many to recognize. Bald eagles don’t acquire their signature white feathers for 4-5 years. Their size might give them away, easily being among the largest birds of prey you might see in North America. With a wingspan of 6-7  feet, they look pretty majestic flying against a sea of blue.vulture-224

Do you know how to tell a bald eagle from a turkey vulture when looking up at them from below?

Bald eagles, like hawks and other birds of prey, hold their wings flat when they are flying.

Turkey and Black vultures hold them in a shallow V-shape, called a dihedral.

Turkey vultures look two-toned underneath and have a slightly smaller wingspan of 6 feet. Black vultures have a wingspan of 4.5-5 feet. Both of these rock side to side when in flight and have distinctive primary feathers that look like long fingers.


Turkey vulture in flight--notice the shallow V-shape of the wings

Turkey vulture in flight–notice the shallow V-shape of the wings


Turkey vulture in flight

Weekly Puzzler # 30

This week’s puzzler is a simple question, one I’m often asked by people in my groups when the subject comes up.

Why do geese fly in a V?