What’s Hiding in the Grass?

Morning is my favorite time of day… can you see why? To read more about these pictures, and about what makes ME skip with joy, CLICK HERE.

Tiny mirrors What beautiful wings! Perfect Reflections Damselfly on grass Who knew a fly could be so attractive? Liquid mirrors Sky TV Jumping spider Jewelweed is not a weed! All in a row Hummingbirds make me smile A damselfly in the grass Tiger Swallowtail on Butterfly bushA lovely dragonflyTextures Color in the grassTime in the balanceA dragonfly decorated with dewHe's looking at me!Splendor in the grassHappinessAn Iridescent fly Blue damselflyMorning glory!jumping spiderA cricket A dragonfly Damselfly This jumping spider sees meGrasshopperA katydidWhat big eyes you have!A praying mantisA damselfly SkipperMilkweed bugA beetleSilhouette StillnessPatterns Shadows and Light Pausing for a pictureWaiting

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