Weekly Puzzler Answer #9


So of course this week’s puzzler gave you a 50-50 chance at getting it right seeing as how you only have two choices–male or female. The real trick is to back up your answer with a reason.

The box turtle pictured is a female and I know this because of her brown eye color. Male box turtles have bright red or orange eyes. Males have other differences as well, including a concave plastron (bottom part of their shell), longer front claws, a thicker and longer tail and more colorful markings on their shell. Below is a picture of a male box turtle; notice the eye color difference.

Now, did you know box turtles have a very long life relative to their small size? They may live 30-40 years in the wild, staying in roughly the area of two football fields for their entire life. Can you tell which of these two turtles is older? If you think it’s the top turtle, click HERE. If you think the bottom turtle is older, click HERE. If you want to learn more about box turtles, check back on Monday when I publish my Weekly Creature Feature.


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