Weekly Puzzler Answer #8

snakes-Well this might look like a snake, but it’s actually a caterpillar! It is what’s called the last instar of the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly. This means it’s the last stage before the caterpillar will make its chrysalis and begin its metamorphosis into an adult. By looking like, or mimicking a snake, the caterpillar might scare away some potential predators. How do you like its fake eyespots? Pretty real looking, right? Did it have you fooled?

Caterpillars are eating machines! From the moment they hatch out of their tiny eggs, they do nothing but eat, poop and molt (grow.)

Check back on Monday to learn more about this caterpillar and especially, the beautiful butterfly it becomes. butter-4684It is one of the most common butterflies–one you’ve likely seen lots of times. Now you know what it looks like BEFORE it gets to be this beautiful!

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