Weekly Puzzler Answer #6

puzzler-This indeed is a fascinating creature, but likely not one most people have ever seen or heard about. That’s because in addition to being tiny–1/2 to 1 1/2 inches long, it is a critter that can be found only in ephemeral (temporary) bodies of water. It is related to lobsters and crabs–a kind of  fresh water crustacean.

Its life cycle is truly amazing, from the way its color varies to the length of time its eggs can remain dormant. What affects its color? What do they eat? How do they survive the winter? What is a winter egg and how does it differ from a summer egg? How many days from hatching until they reach adulthood? How many years did some eggs survive in captivity?

All this and more will be discussed in my Creature Feature for this week, published on Mondays. CLICK HERE to read more.




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