Spiders in Focus


Spiders have become one of my favorite photography subjects; 1. Because I can always find them and 2. Because they are so fascinating. Is what you know about spiders, FACT or FICTION?  CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT! 

A jumping spider checks me outGarden spider wraps up lunch for laterLook at its spinnerets (where the silk comes from)A curious jumping spider A crab spider waits patiently for lunch A lynx spider I can walk on water! A jumping spider Getting a To-Go Box Breakfast arrives! Yum.A work of artWhat a beautiful body you haveA red jumping spider  Tarantulas aren't the devils society makes them out to beWith a body like a marbleA fishing spiderSpiders have a lot of patience! Some spider mom's carry their eggsHere's a female with babies on her back! Spiders grow by shedding their skins--called moltingWhat a colorful spider! Lunch? Spider bites are rare despite popular opinion otherwiseArtist at Rest Hiding on a treeA crab spider waits The tree has a necklace! A false face on my back scares away predatorsThis spider puts its prey in its web... for decoration? Some spiders carry their eggsHere's a black widow... they don't always eat their matePerfect camouflage To be able to walk on water!  A spider that doesn't build a webThe Z in the middle attracts insects A common garden spiderDinner tonight is caterpillarNot all spiders build webs Covered in dewThis spider waitsAnother colorful crab spiderSpiders eat a lot of insects!

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