Why I Love Rainy Days

Yesterday, the weather man on the 5:00 news, when talking about today, said it would be “dreary and miserable” outside and that your best bet for enjoying the weekend would be to find something indoors to do. I so strongly disagree with our society’s instant negative attitude towards rainy weather!

I headed out for a little while to see what gems of beauty I could find. Rain seems to soften everything and make the world misty and mystical. Here are a few spots of beauty for you to enjoy.

Closeup of a Mayapple leafBluebells Dogwoods by the streamTulips are Ready to openJack in the PulpitWild IrisMayapples in the forestTurkey Tail FungusWater ArtSpot of beautyDrops amid the needles



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  1. By 7 Positive Things about Rainy Days on September 29, 2015 at 11:56 am

    […] 6. Raindrops offer a unique music to those who listen. Raindrops often cling to every leaf, branch, petal, strand of silk, so that in all directions, you see spots of beauty. On some leaves the tiny beads of water collect and form patterns while on others the drops are repelled, running off and splashing below, a kind of music that has the potential to soothe your soul and make your heart smile. […]