Outside on April 14th

Spring is in full swing here in Western North Carolina, with new things happening every day. Here is some of what I’ve seen lately:

Wild Turkeys are thinking about matingForest is filled with wildflowersThe bears are out of hibernation Yellow trillium in in bloomLarge flowered trillium is in bloomThe ferns are unwindingCreeping Phlox decorates the forest floorGreat Chickweed Violets add colorBloodroot is up!Firepink is outWhite Erect Trillium The dogwoods are in full bloom!The bats are back from hibernation/migration! We're hearing American Toads callingThe dogwood blooms are decorating the forestStaring to see Spicebush and Eastern Tiger SwallowtailsThe redbuds are in their full gloryThe gold finches have their bright yellow feathers againWe're hearing gray tree frogs calling at nightGray tree frogs are tiny! But loud! The male ruby-throated hummingbirds are back!


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