Finding Beauty in my own Backyard

Eastern Tiger SwallowtailIridescent fly on azalea Lovely babbling brookSee why I love rainy days? What a beautiful creature! Azaleas are INSECT magnets! Newly opened leavesBlack form of Eastern Tiger SwallowtailAmazing camouflage! A crab spider hides in plain sightWhich is more beautiful--the gold finch or the azaleas?Beauty of a fern frondNew leaves reach for the lightSpring forestOak leaves Raindrops make artA misty morningHello squirrel! Tiny spots of beautyMayapples decorate the hillsideMy churchLeaf artHolding onto the rainMother Nature's perfectionA nuthatch pauses by the azaleasTufted titmouse Beauty is everywhereThe forest transformed into art
Over the weekend, I ventured up and over the mountain, eventually reaching the Pisgah National Forest. Not bound to any trails, I let myself wander freely, open to where I might end up and what spots of beauty I might find.



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