Photos from Corkscrew Sanctuary

Painted Bunting Barred OwlAnhinga with CatfishSwallowtail kite with nesting material Palm Fronds Little Blue Heron with CrayfishNorthern ParulaCarolina WrenReflectionRed Bellied woodpeckerCypress ForestVirginia Creeper on treeFlycatcherBarred OwlLooking Skyward Trees and Ferns DragonflyCatbirdBlack and White warblerLizard Red bellied woodpecker with insectDragonflyAnhinga fishingPair of Barred OwlsTiger Swallowtail Yellow Rat SnakeLittle Blue Heron with CrayfishYellow Rumped Warbler Grey SquirrelMale CardinalFemale CardinalBoardwalk at CorkscrewWater ArtMating Swallowtail kites

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