Are you Stuck in a Rut?


Let us love winter for it is the spring of genius.

Do you find it challenging to make yourself get OUTSIDE in the winter, when the temperature is in the teens and you are warm and cozy in your heated house? If you’re like me you might try talking yourself out of it the moment the thought enters your head. Go outside? What for? It’s so nice and warm in here!

But I have learned to ignore all the arguments from that little voice in my head and go outside anyway.  And seldom, if I ever, do I say afterward, what a waste of time that was! Instead, it is just the opposite. I feel refreshed. I feel alive. I feel inspired.

Winter has so much to offer!

One of my favorite things about winter are the patterns I can find. The ones in ice are the most interesting to me, with their swirls and bubbles and abstract designs just waiting to be photographed. When I see them I feel awe for the beauty that is unique to winter. The more patterns I find the more I want to keep looking. It can be addictive.

Someone famous once said “there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.” In winter this is especially true.

So my suggestion for today is to suit up and head outside.

Wear layers. Wear a hat and mittens, a scarf, something warm for your feet.

If you’re dressed properly and enjoying yourself and the season, you’ll forget all about the fact that it’s cold out there.

Take a walk somewhere close to your house. Visit a park you’ve never been to before. Even if it’s just for thirty minutes, it will do your body good to get some fresh air and change of scenery. There are many interesting things to find in winter…

What spots of beauty will you discover?

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