How I know that Spring is Here!

egggs-8906When I returned to the little pond on my property this afternoon, I was thrilled to find thousands of freshly-laid wood frog eggs. As is characteristic of this frog, all the eggs are left together so that they form one, giant clump. Yellow Spotted Salamanders or American Toads on the other hand will spread their eggs out so that the pond has eggs all around it. Both are survival techniques of the individual species… putting ALL the eggs in the same place means there is a good chance that even if predators come along to eat them, SOME will survive to hatch out and become adults. And on the flip side, spreading the eggs throughout the pond could mean if a predator finds some, others will remain undetected.

Which method do you think would be more successful?

Read more about wood frogs on my creature feature page. egggs-8908

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