Looking for Beauty

Beauty is Everywhere….

When I lived in New York State and did adult slide programs more regularly, people would see my pictures and often ask where each was taken. They had so many questions! Were so curious about the details of the pictures. They were most amazed when I told them that many were taken right in my own backyard, or close to the place I lived, in a field down the road or a small park only locals know about.

I have learned that we don’t have to travel to far away and exotic places to find beauty. It’s right here, often right in our yards or along the way as we drive to our daily destinations.

The other night I was reclining on my couch, facing outdoors, with the sliding door open and the breeze blowing gently across my face.  Gray tree frogs were starting their nightly chorus. I was engrossed in a wonderful book, but kept getting distracted by both the hummingbirds visiting my feeder and even more so, the drama that sunset was bringing. It wasn’t long before I set the book down and stood in the doorway, looking out at the narrow swath of trees and forest behind my apartment, now silhouetted against a spectacular sky. I briefly considered getting in my car and speedily driving to some place a bit more exotic, but thought better of it. If I did that I might just miss the beauty in my frantic attempt to be somewhere “better.” I smartly realized that what I had, right then, right there, was a glorious view of the western sky that rivaled anything I’d seen lately. My mood went from melancholy to inspired and serene. I watched in silence at what looked like several bottles of ink slowing spilling onto the blank canvas of the sky above the black trees. Oh the colors! I ran for my camera and tripod, capturing the moment…

Beauty. It really IS everywhere. But it’s not always this obvious! You must be open to looking closely…

Where have you found beauty lately?

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